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Dread Fools

@The Brick
October 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 8pm


Step right up! Step right up!

Vengeance, horror, sex and power.
That’s right folk, for a limited time only, Dread Fools presents a feast of grotesque catharsis without redemption. In a rare appearance we bring to you the untamed vengeance of the Furies.
For your viewing pleasure: the regulation of the human body from creation to genetic manipulation.

Conceived by Sophie Amieva and Katerina Marcelja
Directed by Sophie Amieva

Devised ensemble:
Kayla Juntilla, Michael Galligan, Hannah Mitchell, Madeleine Joyce, Octavia Leona Kohner

Zeynep Akca: Stage manager
Katerina Marcelja: Set and Costume Design
Robert Malbrough: Light Designer
Diwas Gurung: Sound Design

Medusa Volution 


Carte Blanche LAB  

The Infernal Machine 


The Diamond

Bremen Freedom

Pessimist, moi?!?

Valerie Chameaux

Long time alter-ego

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