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Pessimist, moi?!

@Here Art Center  Summer 2006 

Living Room Festival 

Conceived by Sophie Amieva.

Directed by Sarah Sanford and Yehuda Duenyas.

Performed by Sophie Amieva, Jesse Hawley and Rachel Tiemann.

Murder. Sex. Prescription Drugs. Valérie Chameaux is a French clown of the 21st century. Long time Alter-ego Valérie Chameaux is a French clown of the 21st century.   She looks for love, she drinks kir royal, she shaves her armpits. She has a problem, though. Whenever she doesn't shave, she meets a man, but when she shaves she goes home alone. She wants to save the world against le mauvais goût. She wants to help people. She wants to shake people by the throat and scream into their mouths "Live, you fools, live!" Join Valérie, a semi-youthful demi-shaved French woman, for a night to savoir de vivre. Merci.

Valérie is a women! And what a women! 

She also has performed in many places, hosted a variety show at the Palace of  Variety for a year and looked for love in many places from France to New York...

She might still be looking.

"…A French comedienne Sophie Amieva who has an extraordinarily expressive face and grand presence." American Theater Web, 2004

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