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Carte Blanche Lab.

@happy lucky no1  Spring 2016 

CARTE BLANCHE is a cacophony of all things physical theatre.

Summer 2018

CARTE BLANCHE seeks to identify each performer’s singularity and cultivate it into a conscious creative process. This journey includes explorations in Physical Comedy, Bouffon and Storytelling and offers training and laboratories ranging from one and a half hours to four hours, and a cumulative performance, all over the span of three weeks.

There are many different creative elements to be addressed in CARTE BLANCHE. Laughter is essential to humankind; it is a universal magic that not only can bring us together, but can also allow us to rise above and see more clearly. Satire, with fair and equal representation, can be a weapon of resistance. This is a balance I constantly support in Bouffons, which is a frame of work that helps us learn how to fail successfully, create, and empower.

Of course the Diamond, Make Me Laugh, and Let’s Play are integral to my teaching process, but I have some fun new discoveries up my sleeve. Come explore how mythology applies itself to character development through archetypal symbolism and experiment with risky, impulsive stage behavior! In group work and study, trust is a vital process that always comes first. This is a safe space for theatre artists to thrive.

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