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Actor Training 

Bouffons and Physical Comedy for students of all levels. 


These high-intensity, play-focused sessions provide students with the tools to dig into the self, develop greater presence and availability on stage, and sharpen their impulses as performers. They combine collaborative exercises, experimentation, and emotional exchanges in order to develop keen performance instincts, body awareness, and intelligence.

 Alex Tatarsky ( Clown, Performer )

"Sophie Amieva is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! She introduced me to the complex and ecstatic work of buffon with a delightful combination of generosity, glee, and rigor. She always pushes students further than they think they can go, and runs the classroom with a spirit of cheekiness and jubilation. Sophie is unafraid to take on thorny issues and creates a space where students feel brave and willing to explore on the edge. Highly recommend!"


Physical Comedy 

June 7-8 : Beyond the punch line!

June 17th to 21st: Daddy, look at me!


Friday June 7th.  7-10pm

Saturday June 8th.  10am-4pm (WEEKEND)

Price $250

Non refund after the May 30th

Location : Chez Bushwick

 304 Boerum St Unit 23. Brooklyn, NY


Okay, you made a joke! So now what?

Physical Comedy is a transformative journey, where the mind and the body become accomplices and learn to rely on each other, allowing rather than stifling impulse to react to the world. It is breath, movement and joy!How to be present, to maintain tension and be funny to build a moment, to create an experience with the audience?


In this workshop, we will play big and get technical using mask techniques - how to escalate a situation to the absurd using emotions, physicality, grimaces and complicity with the audience- to make each other laugh!


Bring your silly, your joy, your fears and fearlessness...and some comfortable clothes to move in.

All levels welcome 


June 17th to 21st  (WEEK LONG) 

from 7pm to 10pm 


Price $300

Non refund after the May 30th

​Location : Chez Bushwick

304 Boerum St Unit 23. Brooklyn, NY

The Bouffons are the outcasts of society, the ones who mock. They play with our fear of death and they magnify the reality of oppression. They believe in nothing and make fun of everything; they take no sides and rejoice in conflicts.

Through games and improvisations, we’ll revisit and redefine elements of the Bouffons. How do we create the stylized mask realm? How to maintain presence and tension to keep the critique relevant? What is the game?

We will sharpen mask techniques, keep a state of urgency, serve the moment, surrender to our id and, most importantly, make each other laugh. 


Let’s show Daddy that our inner fool is still here and very much alive!


All levels welcome!



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What's in it for you?

My physical comedy classes draw from a Lecoq pedagogy that takes students on a transformative journey where the mind and the body become accomplices. We move beyond the punch line and develop a comedic logic that creates full moments of narrative driven laughter. 


Bouffons is a masked clowning style that breaks down social constructs and critiques society through the use of physical humor and the grotesque. Bouffon in French means Jester, the one who speaks truth to power; They hold a mirror up to society and show us our full humanity unfiltered or censored. In doing so, they inspire a poetic territory in which to explore freedom and search for the profound. 

In all my classes, I offer my students a process of confronting their fear and unleashing their beauty and authenticity. We start from identifying who we are as human beings, then learn how to hone those qualities in performance. 


Who are my classes for?

My classes are for theater makers and artists of all kinds with a desire to laugh and make others laugh. 

They are for actors interested in sharpening their skills. No matter your focus - by engaging in play, finding our inner child, and exploring who we are - we find a sense of pleasure onstage that makes us better performers. 


What can you expect?

As past students have said . . . “expect to get more than you bargained for”

Be ready to be challenged, to shake your own ground, and to find the freedom to let go. 


What will you walk away with?

You will gain the skills and tools to handle space, physicality, and audience. You will learn how to fail with grace. In doing so, you’ll walk away with a new sense of freedom, new questions, excitement, passion, and curiosity. 


Professional Training

I teach bouffons and physical comedy to students of all ages, and all stages, individually and with partners including Clown Gym, The Clown School, the Examining Clown Lab and Brooklyn Comedy Collective. In these courses, I offer high-intensity, play-focused sessions that provide students with the tools to dig into the self, develop greater presence and availability on stage, and sharpen their impulses as performers. My courses combine collaborative exercises, experimentation, and emotional exchanges in order to develop keen performance instincts, body awareness, and intelligence. I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions.


Colleges and Higher Education

I have taught physical comedy, clown, bouffon, and mask at higher education institutions including Playwrights Horizons Theater School, the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, and the Movement Theater Studio. Between 2005-2020, I was an Adjunct Professor at the Experiemental Threatre Wing, a studio at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where I taught bouffon and clowning to hundreds of undergraduate students. My higher education practice combines techniques from my own diverse practice, and presents actors and theatremakers with an expansive toolkit for performance and creation.

Young Artist Education
In 2006, I co-founded and co-directed Brooklyn Beanstalk, a French and Spanish immersion program for children that uses clowning and theater as a tool for language acquisition. For over a decade, I oversaw an arts­-driven educational program offering specialized language immersion classes and creative enrichment programs through arts and performances to children aged 16 months throughout elementary grades. These classes took place in collaboration with childcare centers, playgroups, the Brooklyn Public Librairies and schools across New York, and worked to foster critical thinking of young students by creating a fun, interactive learning environment.

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