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@happulucky no1 

Conceived and Directed by Sophie Amieva

Installation: Katerina Marcella

Video: Magin Schantz

Ensemble: Nicolas Norena, Rebecca Kushner , Wednesday Derrico, Jose Junior Rivera, Matthew Phillips, Holly d'Atri, Diego Canizares , Cecilia Leal.

Facets is a multi-disciplinary installation/ show that plays with time and scale to touch our collective vulnerability. The audience dives into a total experience immersed in video, visual art and performance.

In our modern life newspapers are everywhere - many have been read and some have never been touched. They are ephemeral. Good for one day.  Stories are numerous, but their massive and ferocious production keeps us out of breath, as they keep repeating themselves.

In this context, Facets unfolds a transformation cycle.

Giant masks come to life. The ink blurs, the paper crumbles and weakens.  Stories becomes malleable.  Creatures become physically malleable — they become monsters, or deities — for a moment — until they weaken again and disintegrate.

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