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THE DIAMOND @ the Park Avenue Armory is this Sunday


30 people


the Diamond for

Nick Cave's


With Margaux Amieva-Unger, Maelie Amieva-Unger, Briana Archer, Tatiana Baccari, Susu Bagert, Kate Brehm, Austin Christopher Davis, Elia Chandler Eason, Lila Elias, Rachel Frank, Sarah French, Hannah Goldman, Allison Jaffin, Emma Jaster , Kayla Juntilla, Andrew Lynch, Katerina Marcelja, Katie Melby, Tyaela Nieves, Matthew Phillips, Christopher Rehman, Liz Stanton, Aaron Unger, Gabrielle Young, Annie Watkins, Eric Worcester, Evelyn Worcester, Gayheart Worcester, Shirley Worcester

Let go and express yourself with us [Sun. June 10th] @ParkAveArmory for #NickCave’s #PAALetGo! Info & tickets:

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